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Conference Exhibitor Information
Conference Exhibitor Information

HR Indiana Exhibitor Registration is now open for 2020! Register Now!

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Final Booth Prices

Mar 16 – Aug 7

10’x10′ Regular Booth: $1,500
20’x10′ Double Booth: $2,400
10’x10′ Corner Booth: $2,500
20’x10′ End Cap Booth: $3,100
30’x10′ Triple Booth: $3,100

NOTE: If you are contacted by a vendor who is not associated with HR Indiana Conference please forward their email to Sometimes out-of-town vendors try to imply they are associated with our conference. The only vendors who are approved to be in the exhibit hall are: Excel Decorators, Centerplate, and Evans Audio Visual. All other companies will be asked to leave the exhibit hall.

Take a look at what the HR Indiana Conference is all about:

HR Indiana Conference 2019 Video from PROMOTE PRODUCTIONS.

Exhibit Hall Hours

Again this year the HR Indiana Exhibit Hall will be in Indiana Convention Center A & B. We will have all buffets and reception food integrated in these halls for maximum visibility.

Monday, August 24: 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Tuesday, August 25: 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
Lunch will be served in the exhibit halls both days.

Exhibit Hall Theme: 2020 Insights!

The President’s Choice Award will be given to the company that best embodies the theme for their booth. The winner will receive half off exhibitor registration for the HR Indiana Annual Conference in the following year!

Last year’s President’s Choice Award winner was AAIM!

Whova App for Exhibitors – Lead Capture

If you are a vendor in our exhibit hall, using the Whova app, you’ll be able to scan name badges of attendees who are interested in your company and collect their information to use later. FREE OF CHARGE! You and your team will be able to download a complete report of contacts collected by your booth representatives.

Successful use of this tool depends on YOU preparing ahead and learning how to best use it at the conference.


Once registered as an exhibitor, to activate the Badge Scanning access for the 2020 Conference Event, you can register each person who will need to use the app for the “Exhibitor Booth Representative” ticket!

First Time Whova users:

  • Download the Whova Event app from the App Store (for iPhone) or Google Play (for Android), or visit in a web browser on your mobile device.  
  • Sign-In: Enter the email address you used for the event registration. No other email address will work. You shouldn’t have to search for the event, simply log in using your email address, create a password and type in your name!
  • Edit Profile (if you choose to, not required)- You can edit your profile later by clicking the “Menu” button at the top-left corner of the event “Home” page.
  • Access your event main page: The app will take you to the 2020 HR IN Conference event page automatically.

Returning Whova users:

  • If you used the app at last year’s event and your email has not changed, simply open the app and login. The app may be set up to automatically log you in. 
  • If your email has changed since last year, you will need to log in with the new email address you submitted on the form as instructed above. If the app automatically logs you in with your login info from last year, you will need to LOG OUT and LOG BACK IN with your updated information in order to have access to the 2020 event.
  • Access your event main page: The app will take you to the 2020 HR IN Conference event page automatically.   

If you experience trouble accessing the 2020 HR Indiana Annual Conference Event in the app, please email or ask somebody at the exhibitor registration desk.

Click HERE for more information on how to use the app.

Social Media Kit

We encourage you to plan a series of social media posts to announce your presence as an exhibitor at the 2020 HR Indiana Conference. Leverage social media and video to amplify your exposure before the conference even begins!

Open the 2020 Social Media Kit HERE.

Booth Personnel

Each booth registration comes with 3 representatives in a regular booth at a time. If you want more personnel, up to 2 additional representatives may be registered at the cost of $300 each. You can do this during the initial registration or afterwards by contacting

  • Lanyards will have the company name on them and must be swapped out as booth personnel come and go to help in the booth.
  • NO MORE than the number of people registered and paid for may be in the booth at one time.
  • It is the responsibility of the exhibitors to transfer lanyards among your attending booth staff, it is NOT the responsibility of the Exhibit Hall staff.
  • No additional Lanyards will be distributed without payment.
  • In order for each booth representative to have the ability to use the app and scan badges, please register each person who will need to use the app for the “Exhibitor Booth Representative” ticket!


Exhibitor Packet from Excel Decorators and Booth Assignments

Booth assignments will be final by August 1st and sent to you by Excel Decorators.

The exhibitor packet from Excel Decorators, Inc. will be sent to you. Excel Decorators is the company that organizes the booths within the exhibit hall. If you have not received your email packet by August 1, 2020, please contact us at

We reserve the right to make changes in order to accommodate the many exhibitors who have registered this year for the HR Indiana Exhibit Hall. Upon arrival at the Exhibit Hall in the Indiana Convention Center, we will confirm your booth at the on-site HR Indiana Exhibit Hall Registration located in the rear of the exhibit hall. We will work closely with our official decorators and the Indiana Convention Center to ensure your set up needs are met.

The furnishings provided in each booth include a carpet, 6 foot draped table, two chairs, signage, a wastebasket and electricity. If you require a longer table or need additional furnishings, you may order these items through the Excel Decorators exhibitor service kit.

Booth Sampling and Catering 

Food from outside vendors may not be brought into the exhibit hall. If you wish to have popcorn, cookies, nuts/trail mix, candy bars, coffee, muffins, candy, lemonade, etc. – it must be ordered through Centerplate.


To be eligible to hand out samples, please fill out the Application for Food Sampling.

To order food from Centerplate, please fill out the Booth Catering Order Form.

Shipping Instructions

Specific shipping instructions are included in the exhibitor kit from Excel Decorators. Please make sure to follow these instructions when sending your booth and related materials to Excel. Please plan to have packages arrive no later than 4:00 pm on Friday, August 21, 2020. Please make sure that you follow these shipping instructions carefully since neither The Indiana Convention Center, Excel Decorators, nor the HR Indiana SHRM State Council will be held responsible for your booth and its contents.

Do not ship to the JW Marriott! They will refuse your shipment.

Delivery address for Thursday and Friday, August 20th – 21st:

HR Indiana Annual Conf. ‘20
Excel Decorators
3748 Kentucky Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46221

Delivery address for Sunday and Monday, August 23rd – 24th:

HR Indiana Annual Conf. ‘20
Excel Desk/ ICCLOS
100 S. Capitol Ave./ Halls A&B
Indianapolis, Indiana 46225


The JW Marriott has two parking options: Self Parking and Valet. With Valet you have in and out privileges.

JW Marriott Valet: $49 per day
JWMarriott Self Park: $44 per day

We have Two Other Options:

Gate 10 Parking: 

GATE TEN is 100 ft. South of Lucas Oil Stadium. Our prime parking location and events facility is in the “Heart” of the Indianapolis Action. We have space for over 3,000 vehicles and offer a FLAT RATE daily parking fee, with entry and exit privileges and overnight parking is included in daily rate. Fully lit lot with 24-hour security.

FREE SHUTTLE SERVICE! Shuttle runs every 12-15 minutes.

Daily Rate $18

2 Days……………. $33
3 Days……………. $48
4 Days……………. $63
5 Days……………. $78

To purchase parking passes, click here >> 

YouTube Parking Directions

Spot Hero

We have also contracted with Spot Hero for parking in the garages in the area. To reserve your parking spot for the HR Indiana Conference, visit the JW Marriot Indianapolis SpotHero Parking Page and book a spot with rates up to 50% off drive-up.

New to SpotHero? Click here to download the SpotHero app.

Exhibitor Set Up / Drop off

You can drop off your materials and set up your booth on Sunday evening or Monday morning. Drop off will happen at the Indiana Convention Center loading docks 1- 6 on West St. You will need to check in with the registration desk inside the Exhibit Hall near the rear dock doors. Our team will be there to greet you and direct you to your booth.

Note: The AC will not be on during set up, and it is probably going to be a hot day. Expect for the Convention Center to be very warm. Dress comfortably. You will have time to change and shower before the hall opens.

Important: Children (under 18) are not allowed in the Convention Center during set up.

Sunday: 5:00 – 6:30 p.m. — Set up. Garage Doors Open. Everyone must exit the exhibit hall by 6:30 p.m.
Monday: 6:30 – 8:00 a.m. — Set up. Garage Doors Open.
Monday: 8:00 – 10:00 a.m. — Set up. Garage Doors Closed. Must use side door. No exceptions.

DROP OFF OPTION A: The Indiana Convention Center has a loading dock just behind the hall that will allow for easy unloading and transport of your materials to your booth. If you use this dock you must drop off your materials as quickly as possible and then go park your vehicle. We do not have sufficient space in the dock area for people to park for any extended period of time. Note that there is only one way into this area from South Missouri street, which is one-way North.

DROP OFF OPTION B: On the Maryland Street side of the Convention Center there is a pull off. You will have a bit of a walk to the hall from this drive but it will be closer than any of your parking options. There is not sufficient space for people to park here for any extended period of time so again we ask that you unload quickly and park your vehicle before taking time to setup your booth.

Prohibited items for your booth:

  • NO Helium balloons
  • NO Glitter
  • NO Confetti
  • NO Open flames

Exhibitor Tear Down

All exhibitor booths are required to stay open on Monday from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and on Tuesday from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  This ensures that our attendees have the opportunity to talk with each of you and obtain your materials to make an informed decision about your services.

Tear down is on Tuesday from 2:00 – 3:00 p.m.

Everyone must be out of the hall by 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday.


Thank you for reading through all of the exhibitor information and guidelines!



If you need more information call the HR Indiana Conference office at (317) 841-8202 or email us at