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HR Solutions Center
HR Solutions Center

The HR Solutions Center 

(Formerly the Exhibit Hall)


Interesting in being invited to exhibit in the 2022 HR Solutions Center Aug 29-30? Please provide us your contact information here and we will communicate information regarding our 2022 HR Indiana State Conference opportunities.

Is this just a fancy name for the same old Exhibit Hall?

While this is where a limited number of vendors will have exhibit booths, the HR Solutions Center is an all new immersive HR experience, carefully crafted to provide depth and quality to the overall Conference experience.

The new concept connects the dots from speaker topics to Collaboration Circle discussions and into the HR Solutions Center where attendees can have meaningful engagement with vendors providing custom solutions to their HR needs.

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What is the difference between the traditional Exhibit Hall and the HR Solutions Center?

We have dedicated a hall in the JW Marriott for our HR Solutions Center vendors. Continuing cautions around COVID and appropriate social distancing means a smaller number of vendors selected to exhibit in a more intentional way. Opportunities will be limited in an effort to create a quality experience for our attendees and vendors while also accommodating social distancing practices. 


Location, location, location…

Good news! Conference attendees will no longer need to take that long walk to the Convention Center to visit our vendors. The HR Solutions Center will now be located at the JW Marriott.

No more running to the convention center for lunch. Lunch service will also move to the JW Marriott in the Grand Ballroom where Keynote presentations take place. 


How are the vendors selected for the HR Solutions Center?

The HR Solutions Center vendors will be invited based on the following criteria.

    • The HR Solutions Center will be customized to align with the Conference topics
    • The number of vendors will be limited to approx 40-50 booths
    • Remaining booth spaces will be available on a first come, first served basis


What will the vendor experience look like at the 2021 conference?

You will receive a 8×10 booth space with less than 50 other vendors in the HR Solutions Center. We believe this will provide you with a more personal opportunity to interact with attendees and provide enhanced visibility for your booth. Our Collaboration Circle topics will provide guidance to HR Solutions Center vendors based on the topic of the table conversation.


How do I become a Conference Sponsor?

There are a number of sponsorship opportunities at the 2021 HR Indiana Conference. For more detailed information can be found here:

Sponsor Info 

Sponsorship Prospectus

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If you need more information call the HR Indiana Conference office at (317) 961-5051 or email us at