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We Always Need Dozens of Volunteers

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Full Conference Registration Required (no exceptions).

Are you looking for a chance to give back to your profession, earn money for your local chapter, network with tons of different HR professionals AND enjoy free snacks and gifts?!?

A Variety of Volunteer Opportunities

There are numerous volunteer opportunities open at the 2021 HR Indiana Conference.

Examples of Some of our Volunteer Needs

  • Registration
    • Assist with attendee registration on Sunday afternoon, August 1, and Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, August 2, 3, and 4.
  • Room Host
    • Greet speaker and attendees.  Assist speaker with set-up, handouts, room logistics.  Introduce speaker utilizing prepared script.  Notify hotel staff if room requires housekeeping.
  • SHRM Foundation Activity
    • Staff Foundation Event tables (this job allows you to stand or sit).
  • SHRM Connections Booth
    • Help staff the booth.  Educate guests and answers questions about state chapters, sign up new chapter members, hand out appropriate chapter materials.
  • Bookstore Setup and Staffing
    • Help setup the HR Indiana Bookstore on Sunday, August 11, then assist with selling books and merchandise Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.
  • Stand By/Floater
    • Assist with last-minute assignments
    • Should be flexible and adaptable to change
  • And much more


Generate Revenue for Your Local SHRM Chapter

Plus, did you know that you earn money for your local SHRM chapter every time you volunteer? That’s right HR Indiana SHRM sets aside a portion of revenue for each chapter based on the number of volunteer slots fulfilled by the chapter!

Enjoy Snacks and a Gift!
Additionally, we have a Volunteer Lounge just for you, where you can pick up an appreciation gift and enjoy snacks throughout the conference.

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If you would like to be a part of the 2021 HR Indiana Conference Subcommittee, please email Alona Bahler.