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Indiana SHRM News
Indiana SHRM News

Volunteer Leader Priorities


  • Promote the SHRM Annual Conference via e-mails and in chapter meetings to all chapter members (refer to SHAPE Section 3.1).
  • If there have been any changes in your volunteers, report them to your Member Engagement Associate. Keep SHRM informed of any changes to volunteer e-mail addresses, contact information, and role changes.
  • For 100% chapters, be sure that you do not have any non-SHRM members (LMOs) on your list and that you do not have any non-SHRM member categories. ALL members MUST be SHRM members.
  • Promote the SHRM Certification program and encourage members to become certified.
  • For January – November, please submit Chapter Designation Forms by the 5th business day prior to the end of the month to be processed.



  • Conduct an audit of your chapter roster against the SHRM chapter roster, the SHRM at-large list, and the SHRM expired member list to ensure that your chapter records match SHRM’s records in time for the CFSP checks to be deposited.
  • Promote the SHRM Foundation Regional Scholarships for HR professionals; application due in mid-July.
  • All chapters have access to e-blasts to promote their activities to all SHRM members in the chapter’s ZIP code range. Complete the appropriate online request form for your chapter’s size in the VLRC.
  • Use the quarterly rolling PowerPoint with updates from SHRM at your chapter meetings during networking time. Find the slides in the VLRC under “Communications.”
  • Submit your monthly program for recertification credits with the SHRM Certification Preferred Provider Program.


  • Review emails from SHRM Volunteer Communications for news and updates from SHRM.
  • With your board, review the SHAPE initiatives each month to be sure you are on track for an award or to meet SHRM’s requirements in Section 1 of the SHAPE.