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Indiana SHRM News
Indiana SHRM News

Membership Update April 2019

Becky Ragsdale, SHRM-CP, PHR
Membership Director

Member Engagement

Last month I shared an update on the Membership sessions from HR Indiana VLS. Sticking to that theme, I want to dive a little deeper into a couple of key items we discussed.

We spent time discussing what Value does your Chapter provide to the membership. Most Chapters do not have a Value Statement or Value Proposition. It is important for you to think about developing one and sharing that with your members, so they can make the connection on what you are doing for them.

I challenge you and your Board to ask yourself these questions:

  • What value is our Chapter bringing to the local HR Community and our Members Organizations?
  • What is our Chapters overall Vision and/or Mission?
  • Do we have a set of Core Values that we follow and adhere to?

I shared with everyone at VLS what Michiana SHRM has in place, for those who were not able to attend below if their Chapters Vision, Values and Value Proposition:



Establish the Michiana Chapter of SHRM as the premier resource for the HR profession in the community we serve.








Community Outreach and Involvement



Our association helps HR Practitioners who want to stay current on HR Trends and lead their organizations into the future by providing diverse resources, innovative leadership, development opportunities, and leading change unlike any other organization.


Chapter Programming

The second item I want to highlight is your Chapters programming. Last year during HR Indiana Annual Conference we had the opportunity and pleasure to host Elisa O’Brien (former Chief Membership Office for SHRM) during our annual Membership Summit. The biggest thing that she impressed upon us what how important it is to diversify your programs. Stop doing what you’ve always done, challenge yourself and your Board to become creative. A few suggestions are listed below:

  • Change up your Programming Model
  • Offer a variety of programs and/or events, mix-it up!
    • Webinars
    • Morning or after hour events
    • Workshops
    • Community Outreach – not just HR Professionals
  • Would changing the date, time, and/or location attract new members?