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Indiana SHRM News
Indiana SHRM News

Membership Update March 2019

Becky Ragsdale, SHRM-CP, PHR
Membership Director

HR Indiana VLS Recap

We had a great time at HR Indiana VLS learning from other chapters. I conducted two sessions on Membership and wanted to share with you some take away notes from those sessions in case you were not in attendance.

Membership 101

  • Annual SHRM Membership Audit
    • Pay attention to the time that you audit
    • Conduct it in spring and the end of the year
    • Send monthly reminders to your expiring members and promote the SHRM discount for new and renewing members
  • Membership Changes on the Horizon
    • SHRM is currently working with three local Chapters on piloting “Duel Membership” program.
    • Michiana SHRM has been identified as one of those Chapters participating
    • This is a one-click membership for SHRM Global and Local Membership
    • More information to come!
  • Consider becoming a 100% SHRM Chapter
    • Requires a multi-year strategic plan
  • The financial gain is worth the loss your Chapter may take when converting over
  • It pays for itself to transition


Member Engagement

  • Ask members to volunteer!
    • A lot of time folks won’t raise their hand when you’re asking for volunteers; but they like to be asked!
    • A great way to get your Sr. Level HR Practitioners involved is to ask them to speak or present on a HOT topic!
  • Recognition – what are you doing to Recognize your Members?
    • Nominate your members for HR Indiana Annual Awards
    • Create your own Local Chapter Awards
    • Hold a Membership Appreciation Event
    • Spotlight your Members in the HR Indiana All Member Newsletter
    • Give out swag – who doesn’t love swag!
  • What is your Chapters Value Proposition?
    • What value are you bringing to your HR Community and your Members Organizations?
    • Share your Value Proposition with your Members
  • Diversify your programs
    • Change up your Programming model
    • Offer a variety of events (i.e. luncheons, webinars, conference, workshops)


Member Spotlight

I am still looking for Member Spotlights to include the HR Indiana all member newsletter. This is a great way to showcase your members and volunteers.