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Indiana SHRM News
Indiana SHRM News

Membership Update May 2018

Becky Ragsdale State Membership Director


The Q1 2018 SHRM numbers are in and Indiana is ROCKIN IT already!  As you know we ended 2017 with just a little over a 3% increase in total membership for the state.  Our goal for 2018 was to shoot for 5% growth across the state.  I am SUPER excited to report that we have seen a 3.67% increase (67 new SHRM members) in 2018.  But even more exciting is we’re doing a great job retaining our members as we have only lost two SHRM members in 2018.

A special shout out to IndySHRM and Northwest Indiana SHRM for your double-digit growth this quarter!  Keep up the great work!

Membership Volunteers Needed!

Membership is looking for volunteers to be on the 2018 Membership Committee.  As you know, membership is everyone’s responsibility at the State and Local levels and we need your help and support in driving the 2018 Membership Initiatives.  Volunteers do not need to be a board member of the local chapter, ask your members!  This is a great opportunity for a local member to get involved and see how rewarding volunteering can be!

Membership Committee – Position Summary:  Collaborate with the State Membership Director and the State Membership Manager for Engagement & Retention to provide leadership to membership activities within local chapters, particularly assuring that chapter membership directors have access to resources necessary to recruit at-large SHRM members to chapters, local chapter members only to SHRM, and non-affiliated HR professionals to both organizations.  Provide leadership to member engagement/retention strategies.

SHRM Direct Mailing Update

During our HR Indiana Membership call last month it was brought to our attention that several Indiana chapters had submitted their event information to SHRM for approval and to attain their At-Large list for a mailing.  The turnaround time seems to be taking longer than anticipated so if you’re planning on a mailing please be sure to plan for at least two to three weeks lead time.

HR Indiana is targeting early summer for our state wide At-Large Mailing.
Direct Mail Marketing

Below you will find templates and samples to help you reach your members and others in the region about important chapter initiatives and events through direct mail marketing. The SHRM Membership team is here to help with any of your direct mail needs.

Direct Mail Templates & Samples
– Membership Acquisition Template #1
– Membership Acquisition Template #2
– Membership Acquisition Template #3
– Membership Renewal Template #1
– Membership Renewal Template #2

At-Large Mailing Label Request Form

Ding Dong, You Have a New Member…

When someone registers for the 2018 HR Indiana Conference they have the option of joining an Indiana local Chapter, with most chapters offering a conference discount on local dues.  When they join your Chapter, you will receive an email from noreply@formstack.com notifying you.  It is CRITICAL that you follow up with this new member as soon as possible and get them added to your roster as well as welcoming them to your chapter.  We have already gained 17 new members through conference registration!

Don’t forget…the more chapter members you have attending the conference the more financial support your chapter receives.  And when those chapter members volunteer at the conference, you get even more financial support.  Don’t miss out on FREE money – start promoting the 2018 HR Indiana Conference and Volunteerism today!

2018 Quarterly SHRM Membership CLA Webinar’s

To access the registration link or recording link for any webinar click on the webinar title below. Each webinar can be accessed any time after the scheduled session. There is no call-in number for webinars and technical assistance will be provided during the session via the Q&A function on the console. For questions regarding all CLA webinars, please contact Communications Manager Bailey Yeager at bailey.yeager@shrm.org.

Thursday, May 25, @ 4 p.m. ET
Thursday, Aug. 17, @ 4 p.m. ET
Thursday, Nov. 2, @ 4 p.m. ET