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Indiana SHRM News

The Do’s and Don’ts of Connecting with Employees on Social Media

Social media is a great place to connect and share with friends and family, especially in times where we can’t be physically together. And as many of us are working from home, social media can also reconnect us with coworkers we no longer get to see on a daily basis. From an organizational standpoint, social media can even help you communicate with larger groups in your company, and promote your brand to the general public.

Whether you’re running your business’s social media or navigating your own profiles in these changing times, check out our do’s and don’ts for social media use.

DO create groups for your workspace.

Not every conversation needs to be over email! Casual conversations and out-of-office activities can be coordinated on social media like Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. If you work in a larger organization, social media can connect employees that usually wouldn’t interact, making your large team feel more close-knit. On platforms like Facebook, you can create groups, start discussions, schedule events, and conduct surveys.

DON’T start drama or gossip.

Gossip has no place in the workplace or on social media. If you do connect with coworkers online, keep your conversations and posts positive and productive. Don’t take a company group conversation as an opportunity to vent or air your grievances. Consider appointing a moderator for any online groups you make. You can grant your moderator authority to remove any posts or users who violate your group’s guidelines. 

DO keep your profile professional.

Many workplaces have social media policies in place in order to keep a positive image and protect the company from any potential controversy. But even if your company grants free reign on your private profiles, know that your coworkers can (and will) see everything you post. You may be comfortable sharing a photo from that party last weekend with your closest friends — but what about your boss?

DON’T be afraid to be yourself.

Keeping it professional doesn’t mean your profiles have to be completely buttoned up. Social media is a place for self-expression and human connection. Don’t be afraid to share snapshots of your life, make jokes, share memes, and have fun. As long as what you’re posting isn’t vulgar or offensive, go ahead and post that silly selfie, family photo, new recipe, or personal update!

DO share your company culture.

Social media is a great place to show off what makes your company unique. From team events and exciting projects to welcoming new team members and celebrating promotions, the possibilities are endless! Plus, showcasing your company culture on social media can boost your recruiting efforts, particularly with Millennials and Gen Z.

DON’T share confidential information.

Click, click, post — in the blink of an eye, your social media posts can be seen by hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people! Before you upload and share, be sure to double check that any post or photo doesn’t contain proprietary or unflattering information from your company. Pro tip: zoom in and check for background items such as printed documents or computer screens that should stay off of social.

Social media holds great opportunity to connect with your fellow coworkers, especially in this time where water cooler conversations are on hold. With a few guidelines, you can set your company up for success online and off.

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