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Indiana SHRM
Kosciusko Human Resource Association

Category: Advancing the HR Profession

Program Title: Kosciusko County Jail Chemical Addition Program

Description: The Kosciusko County Jail Chemical Addiction Program (JCAP) is a second chance program that has successfully helped many individuals and families in the community. Inmates accepted in the program begin a four-month series of classes five days a week for eight hours a day. In these classes, applicants get the opportunity to learn a variety of skills. Half of the offered classes are recovery-based, and the other half are life-skills classes. The participants are also learning skills to assist them with employment preparedness skills. Job Readiness classes give the participants a head start on their careers and the confidence to enter the workforce again in a different light.

Kosciusko Human Resources Association and its members have contributed to the successes of returning citizens to the community through the development of work readiness skills, including recognizing personal strengths, career exploration, resume building, completing applications, interview techniques, and job engagement awareness. Prior to graduation of JCAP, participants have the opportunity to engage in mock interviews with local employers, which allow them to practice their newly learned skills and continue building the confidence that they have gained over the previous four months.

Kosciusko JCAP is a program that strives to assist individuals in re-entering the community with tools in being successful throughout the recovery process in order to prevent recidivism. The number of employers involved in the program has continued to rapidly grow, which provides more opportunities to those seeking a second chance in life.