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Indiana SHRM News
Indiana SHRM News

Indiana Legislative Update March 2021

The Indiana General Assembly session passed its midpoint two weeks ago.  All bills originating in the House or the Senate must have passed to be sent to the next House.  Accordingly, most bills failed to move and are no longer in consideration for this session.

I am pleased to report that all but one of the bills supported by HR Indiana SHRM have advanced, and all of those we opposed failed to advance.

Here are the bills we support and their status:

  • SB 1 Civil Immunity related to COVID-19  Bill provides limited immunity to employers and organizations against COVID claims   Status:  Passed and Signed by Governor
  • SB 44  Work sharing unemployment benefits program  Bill provides for the establishment of a work sharing unemployment insurance program Status: Did not pass Senate
  • HB 1309  Pregnancy Discrimination   Bill provides for employers of 15 ee’s or more to follow the PDA and ADA regarding pregnancy  Status:  Passed House

SB 1 was the top priority of the Republican senate caucus. Its passage was practically foreordained as it enjoyed overwhelming support from the business community and the Indiana Chamber of Commerce in particular.

HR Indiana SHRM has long supported the creation of a work share unemployment benefits program.  It was, therefore, disappointing to see the bill fail again.  The irony is that we have the votes to pass it in both the House and the Senate and have the votes to pass it out of either Labor Committee.  The issue is that Senator Boots, Chair of the Senate Labor and Pensions Committee, refuses to bring the bill up for a vote because he does not want to create a new government program. We will try again next year.

HB 1309 is a new bill this year.  We support the bill because it will not place any more significant burden on HR pros than is already required by the Pregnancy Discrimination Act or the ADA (as Amended).  Governor Holcomb is now supporting this bill, and I expect it to be passed and signed into law.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at Chris@christhehrpro.com should you have any questions regarding legislation before the General Assembly.