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Workforce Readiness

Workforce readiness refers to the ability our workforce has to meet the challenges of today’s economy and the economy of tomorrow.

Workforce Readiness Resources

SHRM, HR Indiana SHRM and local chapters work together to advance workforce readiness within our communities and across our state.

Who are the main audiences for workforce readiness?

  • Young professionals entering the workforce for the first time
  • Workers returning to the workforce after time away
  • Older workers who need training on new technologies and systems
  • Military personnel transitioning to the workforce

The SHRM Foundation provides many resources specifically to help organizations increase workforce readiness for veterans. Learn more about hiring veterans to join your workforce.

Chapter leaders can find many workforce readiness resources in the Volunteer Leaders Resource Center.

Meet our Workforce Readiness Director


Deborah Tucker

If you have questions about workforce readiness, please contact Deborah Tucker.