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Indiana SHRM News
Indiana SHRM News

SHRM Foundation Update November 2018

Amy Wright, SHRM-SCP

Amy Wright, SHRM-SCP, Foundation Director

HR Indiana Foundation Fundraising Update

A big thank you to all the chapters who donated items to the Greatest Raffle on Earth. The raffle, headshot lounge, and bookstore donations raised $7,000 for the Foundation. Together with the $1,000 we raised at IN VLS in February, and the state council’s budgeted funds, we have donated $20,000 to the SHRM Foundation from HR Indiana SHRM. Take that Kentucky!

But, the year isn’t over. Please help us ensure our number 2 spot on the Top Ten State Council list and encourage donations at your chapter meetings, on your websites, and at your board meetings.

A great way to increase our giving position is with recognition credits.

Recognition Credits

Chapters and State Councils can receive credit for SHRM Foundation donations through direct fundraising, or through recognition of a member’s personal donation.

Donate online, and designate your chapter AND HR Indiana SHRM, so both organizations receive credit.




















Or, members and chapters can donate by mail or phone. Use the Donation Form to make donations by mail.










Be a Chapter Champion!!!

SHRM Foundation Champions are SHRM chapters and state councils that support the SHRM Foundation by:

  • Making an annual donation to the SHRM Foundation directly from chapter/council funds by December 31
  • Encourage members to join Team Empower, a special club for individuals who donate $30 or more and pledge to support the SHRM Foundation’s annual inclusion initiative
  • Host a fundraising event to benefit the SHRM Foundation

To become a Foundation Champion, complete each of the three steps and include further information in your SHAPE workbook (section 2, #6 for state councils and section 2, #5 for chapters).

Qualifying chapters and councils are recognized on the SHRM Foundation website and receive a digital badge to display on their chapter or council website.

All chapters are encouraged to reach SHRM Foundation Champion status.

The end of the year is rapidly approaching, and we want to recognize all the tremendous work that is happening in Indiana to support the SHRM Foundation.